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Somewhere in one of the world's poorest country right now a frustrated teenager orphan is on the street begging for bread... a brilliant college undergraduate is dropping out, because his parent could no longer afford to pay is school fees... an elderly shaking man is on the queue under the scorching sun waiting for pension that will never be enough, sometimes not even paid, and a child with hole in the heart just drop dead because of lack of fund to perform an operation. Heal The World Mission Inc. came into existence to end this malaise and by the time you have read this, the organization has gone a long way to change the story of the orphans, widows, aged and the less privileged for good. It is a non-denominational Christian Charity Organization commissioned to raise the People of Power, Purpose & Prosperity.


The mission provides School Life Scholarship to orphans from registered orphanages and the general public. We currently have over eight hundred children (800+) beneficiaries studying in various institute of learning in Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leon on our Annual Scholarship program. Most of these beneficiaries are inmate to twenty plus (20+) orphanage and special homes in Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Oyo, Imo, Abuja, Kaduna, Delta, Benue, Anambra and Plateau State. All the beneficiaries remain on our welfare until the completion of their course of study.

The quality of our scholarship packages provide a lot of opportunity for communities and public who really need this assistance to have their educational aspiration met. It also helps in sustainable youth development as we support youth in their quest for intellectual development and academic excellence.

Aside from scholarship, we provide relief materials and support to widows and the needy in terms of food, shelter, visitation and financial support. By these efforts, we desire to enable more people find hope and care as they go through the various challenges of life.


The vision was delivered to the servant of God, Pastor Tola Olukilede in December 1998 with a mandate to trade covenant secrets to raise prosperous families and people for kingdom exploits. Consequently, a weekly prayer and fasting / monthly vigil led by the Visionary and other families that share the same vision was initiated. Shortly after, the fellowship was organised on a monthly basis to share the word on how to live a prosperous life, and have crisis-free marriage by exploring and trading in covenant secrets found in the word of God and by also exploring the power of unity accessible through marriage for our breakthrough and financial blessings.


Trading covenant secrets to raise prosperous families and people for kingdom exploits - Job29:4-17.


We are people committed to the promotion of kingdom service and practice of the covenant of seed time and harvest. We have a dream and a vision to be a help to the helpless. We have a challenged life to live, and to sow the indestructible seed of love and compassion to the orphans, destitute and the needy. We have a record to make by proving the power of GOD in Marriage, and to bring a recoverable hope to the dying world. To leave behind us an indelible mark on the soil of humanitarian service to mankind and by proving to the world that GOD can truly bless by walking with Him in Covenant. We are to heal the world through giving practical love and application of the TRUTH because GIVING IS LIVING. We are people of POWER, PURPOSE and PROSPERITY.


To raise couples worldwide to prove the power and glory of God in partnership as God originally ordained marriage to be. For He said two are better than one and that it is not good for a man to be alone - Gen. 2:18 & Eccl. 4:9-12 To reach out to the orphans and the less privileged by providing scholarship and other necessary assistance to them and make them have a sense of belonging to the kingdom of God. To be a blessing to the helpless, most especially, the widows and the aged. To put a stop to the plagues of marital divorce and separation by applying the healing balm which is the word of God. To liberate the dying world from all plagues of affliction, poverty and sorrow through adequate application of the word, and search into the secrets and deep things of God, and by exploiting covenant opportunities. To heal all forms of bitterness among the people of the world by expressing our love through giving and understanding. To build a nation and a world where God will be the focus of all people. To become blessed by being a blessing to others through the operation of the covenant of seed time and harvest Gen. 8:22, Job 29:4-17, Mal. 3:10-12.


These are the pillars upon which God and Holy Spirit established the Mission. They are our total belief.

  • Obedience to the covenant
  • Practise of Seed Time and Harvest Covenant
  • Purity
  • Forgiveness
  • Faithfulness in Marriage
  • Purposefull Living
  • Absolute faith in God
  • Trust in His Word
  • Peace
  • Personal Development
  • Working Hands

Our Contributions

Scholarship · 90%
Ministries · 60%
Widows · 50%
Orphanage Homes · 80%
The Aged · 70%
Meet our Trustees


He is the Visioneer of Heal the World Mission Incorporation as well as the President/Coordinating Pastor. He is also President of Advisory/Board of Trustees. A visionary, astute businessman, dynamic and seasoned industrialist. He holds a B.Sc Degree in Geography (University of Ibadan) and Professional Diploma in Land Surveying (Federal School of Surveying, Oyo). He worked briefly with FMW&H (Survey Dept) as a Senior Surveyor. He left in 1995 to start his private business.

He also obtained MBA from the Federal University of Technology (FUT), Akure in 2004. He joined Toyota Nigeria Limited in 1997 as a Senior Executive Officer and presently, is the Head, Operations & Logistics, Toyota Nigeria Limited. He is also the Chairman of Heritage Concepts Limited and Livingproof Press Limited. He is a chartered member of Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM). He is married with children

Vice President


Chemical Engineer/Nigeria Distilled Limited (NDL).

Director of Mission Affairs


She is the wife of the President/Coordinating Pastor of Heal the World Mission Inc. She holds a B.Sc (Hons.) Economics from Ahmadu Bello University in 1990.She worked with District Savings & Loans Ltd and Dejumola Nigeria Ltd between 1993 - 1995. She left the company in 1995 to start her own business.Presently she is the Managing Director of Livingproof Press Limited and Heritage Concepts Limited.

She is also, Head of Mission Affairs of Heal the World Mission Inc. She is an associate member of Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM).

Pastor Wumi Olukilede is the Co-ordinator of Women of Grace & Virtue Int'l.

General Secretary & DFM, Training and Development


A member of the Advisory/Board of Trustees of Heal the World Mission Inc. He works with Nagode Industries Limited, Matori, Mushin, Lagos as Senior Sales Manager. He is an ebullient and quintessence Click to hear this word spoken of hardwork and excellence. He is resourceful and has a high optimistic personality. He is married with children.

Pastor Banji Bali
Director of Scholarship and Welfare Operation


MD/Bloom Paint.

Prophet Steve Agunbiade


Founder-Senior Pastor/Jesus Power Assembly

Pastor Charles Akinsete



Heal The World Mission Covenant Practitioners