HEAL THE WORLD MISSION’s previous convention/anniversary was indeed a celebration of a remarkable journey which started as a God given instruction to basically raise people of power, purpose and prosperity by simply trading covenant secrets. It is no gain saying that somewhere in one of the world’s poorest country right now a frustrated teenager orphan is on the street begging for bread... a brilliant college undergraduate is dropping out, because his parent could no longer afford to pay his school fees… an elderly shaking man is on the queue under the scorching sun waiting for pension that will never be enough, sometimes not even paid, and a child with hole in the heart just drop dead because of lack of fund to perform an operation. HEAL THE WORLD MISSION INC. came into existence to end this malaise, the organization has gone a long way to change the story of the orphans, widows, aged and the less privileged for good.

Through the constant backing of God and the support of amazing Board members, committed staff, and wonderful supporters - including our volunteers, friends and family, we have come a long way! The mission provides School Life Scholarship to orphans from registered orphanages and the general public. We currently have over eight hundred children (800+) beneficiaries studying in various institute of learning in Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leon on our Annual Scholarship program. Most of these beneficiaries are inmate to twenty plus (20+) orphanage and special homes in Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Oyo, Imo, Abuja, Kaduna, Delta, Benue, Anambra and Plateau State. All the beneficiaries remain on our welfare until the completion of their course of study.

The quality of our scholarship packages provide a lot of opportunity for communities and public who really need this assistance to have their educational aspiration met. It also helps in sustainable youth development as we support youth in their quest for intellectual development and academic excellence.

Aside from scholarship, we provide relief materials and support to widows and the needy in terms of food, shelter, visitation and financial support. By these efforts, we desire to enable more people find hope and care as they go through the various challenges of life.

Beyond the indicators of our impact and reach, I am most proud of the dimension at which God is using us to better the life of people. The dedication that has been exhibited by our Board, staff and volunteers over the past fourteen years has been unmatched.

Clearly, HEAL THE WORLD MISSION has just began on the journey of Healing and Soothing the pain of people all over the world as we are set to take on Africa, with your continued support, we will inspire, empower and equip a new generation of people of power, purpose and prosperity for kingdom exploit.

Thank you for believing in the vision and joining us on this journey! Your labor of love, sacrifices and dedication have not and will never be in vain! God Bless.

Pastor (Dr) Tola Olukilede