Delivered from Untimely Death

On Tuesday 5th of March, I was standing at Toll-gate bus stop waiting for Sango bus, and then all of a sudden a trailer loaded with cement heading towards Lagos lost control and headed to the other side of the road where I was standing. The next thing I heard was a big bang, the trailer had crashed into road side shops and traders. I can’t explain how God handpicked me away from where I was standing and that was where the trailer crashed. I remembered that pastor Tola Olukilede always makes a declaration each time we gather at the seminar that “we cannot die by accident” I believe it was those prophetic prayers that saved me from that moment. I give God all the glory for that mighty deliverance. Halleluiah!!.

Okolo Frank L.

Completely Healed!.

Right after I had undergone a surgical operation in a hospital I developed a strong irritating sensation in my belly. However during the seminar in February Pastor Tola Olukilede asked every sick person in the congregation to step out to be anointed, at first I felt the alter call was not meant for me since I was not particularly sick except for the sensation in my tummy, but a force just pushed me out and I went for the anointing, ever since I received the anointing I have not felt the symptom, not until this morning, I now realized God is reminding me to share my testimony. Now I am completely healed. Praise God!.

Amadu Gbemisola


I was having serious issue in my home which almost destroyed my marriage. I came here to see Pst. Wumi Olukilede for counseling and direction. To the glory of God, the storm is over.

Mrs. Unegbe Oluchi Favour
happy founder


Regards to all members of "Heal The World Mission". I was introduced to HTWM last November, though I had seen an advert of the mission years ago while I used to work with C.A.C in Igando-Lagos State. Since I join HTWM, I've being on my best to be a covenant practitioner. In january I started a church somewhere in my state for some ministers, from that church I have orphans on my list which I at least pray Hfor. Sometimes, I will give out food stuffs as the lord helps me. One of them is an 18 yrs old girl I took to learn tailoring/design, though I've not balance the registration. Another is a boy of 6 years, for whom I obtained a form for to resume primary 2. I also paid #500 holiday lesson fees for him today. You’ll ask why all these? I will air it out to you; after last conference I got a gift of mattress, and yesterday I got a gift of a v-boot Mercedes Benz, though it needs some work on it, it is the greatest gift since my 13th year in ministry. praise the lord. We are covenantly covered!

Alabi King
Happy founder