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Daily, we wake up to greet the exciting wonders of technological advancement; the enduring testimonies of medical science; resounding applause of accolades on unusual achievements; the endless triumph of the human spirit; the living legacies of great men and women;...yet our world remains impoverished in poverty; appalled in political conflicts, stagnated in development, contorted by terrorism, distressed by pestilence, undermined by corruption and lack of purposeful leadership. Hence, there is so much confusion all around. Unfortunately, caught in the web of the uncertainties that beclouds us a people, our young people remain entirely disillusioned perhaps, unprepared for the life ahead of them.

For this reason, rather rely on favors of divine providence, to salvage the situation, FUTURE WORLD CHANGERS AND LEADERS MISION (FWCLM) came into existence to end this malaise.


is an extended vision of Pastor (Dr) Tola Olukilede, the President/Coordinating Pastor of Heal the World Mission Inc. FWCLM was commissioned to lend a hand to prepare the coming generation for the kind of leadership roles we desired, and consequently equip them with tools needed for national development, and the values that will govern our integration and culture as a people. This we hope to achieve through our annual youth summit and competitive scholarship programs plus induction into our regular monthly mentoring programs for young people. We have resolved in our heart to salvage the situation, by standing out for our young people, and to collaborate with varied institutions, corporate bodies, government, etc to develop our young people, in the mind-set and skill-set needed for the achievement of their personal vision and leadership skills. This will translate into the rebuilding of the local environment, and consequently on the larger society, as the principles learned are translated to large platforms.


To raise excellent world future leaders.


  • To EXPOSE our young people to both leadership and national developmental issues
  • To EDUCATE our young people on the principles of purposeful living and successful achievement
  • To EMPLOY our young people to lead purposeful change in their immediate environment and inspire others and influence local global change
  • To ENGAGE our young people how to positively integrate themselves and be committed to societal development and socio-economic growth
  • To JOIN our young people to promote godly virtues by imbibing sound moral and ethical values
  • To ESTABLISH a WORLD CHANGERS CLUB within schools, as a forum for leadership training; and universal leadership network from among all secondary schools and higher institutions


  • Students in the secondary school
  • Post secondary school students
  • Vocational students
  • Undergraduates
  • Postgraduates plus
  • Every young minded person


Becoming a member of FUTURE WORLD CHANGERS AND LEADERS MISSION (FWCLM) is simple, safe and secured. To become a member simply do the following:
  • Complete the membership form attached to this brochure
  • Provide 2 copies of your recent passport-sized photographs
  • Submit the completed form at Heal the World Mission secretariat, opposite Gateway Hotel, Ota, Ogun State

NB: Membership is open to all, regardless of your sex, age, religion or race.


World Changers Club is a regular monthly mentoring program for young people. It is targeted to help develop our young people in the mind-set and skill-set needed for the achievement of their personal vision and leadership skills. The program holds at Heal the World Mission secretariat, opposite Gateway Hotel, Ota every first Saturday of the month by 10am except otherwise inform through handbills or mails.


For more information or any enquiry please contact the following: THE PROJECT COORDINATOR - Pastor Hector Manufor - +2347062409441 Email: worldchangersclub@gmail.com LIKE us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/worldchangersclubhwm Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/WorldChangersNG

"Raising Excellent World Future Leaders"